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Sludge Recycling System™

eco/Tech developed an innovative technology to co-combust different types of sludge with municipal solid waste in combustion facilities. Sludge is the semi-solid waste material removed during the treatment of municipal wastewater or from certain manufacturing operations like paper mills and can present disposal concerns for communities and industries. The commercial potential of this technology is significant for application in both existing and new resource recovery facilities, and promises to provide municipalities around the world with an environmentally sound management alternative for another waste stream.

Download the SRS Brochure (PDF)

The eco/Tech Sludge Recycling System has been thoroughly tested, patented, and is operating successfully at the Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facility. The SRS provides exciting new, environmentally sound business opportunities both for sludge producers seeking lower disposal costs, and solid fuel power plants seeking new revenue opportunities and reduced air pollution control costs.

  • eco/Tech Sludge Recycling System: Two Years of Experience (PDF-NAWTEC 12)
  • eco/Tech Sludge Recycling System: New Waste Streams, New Revenues (PDF-NAWTEC 10)
  • Environmental benefits of the SRS include:

    • Recycling of a difficult-to-manage waste
    • Elimination of odor in management practices
    • Reduction in disposal vehicle emissions
    • Reduction in power plant emissions
    • Potential air pollution control credits for future trading
    • Possible classification as a clean, renewable energy source.

    eco/Tech will assist with all aspects of project development and implementation and is prepared to support potential SRS users with a full portfolio of services, including feasibility analysis, permitting assistance, engineering design, start-up assistance, operator training, bulk transportation, and long-term product support.