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Research & Development

eco/Tech never stops looking for innovative ways to achieve zero disposal and zero carbon emissions using cost-effective, reliable new technologies.

Two current efforts focus on:

  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Ash Processing and Recycling

Carbon Sequestration

eco/Tech is dedicated to global sustainability. Nature's biggest recycling loop is the carbon cycle, as biomass is converted to carbon dioxide and new biomass is created through photosynthesis.

There is concern today about the increase of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. While there is much debate about global warming most scientists do agree that there has been an increase in carbon dioxide due to the impact of humans on the planet, most notably as a result of burning fossil fuels. Energy generation through the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas has resulted in carbon (stored in the earth’s crust for millions of years) being released into the atmosphere. Many believe that our reliance on unsustainable fossil fuels for energy generation should be reduced and that we should seek alternative sources of energy.

Since 2001, eco/Tech has been researching a new method for preparing power plant combustion flue gases for eventual conversion from carbon dioxide to oxygen, using nature’s “keep it simple” process of photosynthesis, in an enclosed, specially designed greenhouse. This approach allows enhanced carbon uptake because of elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide in the flue gases.

Our research indicates that:

  • recovering heat from stack gas while condensing moisture, acid gases, and trace pollutants improves overall thermal efficiency;
  • condensing pollutants could result in elimination of the need for expensive acid gas scrubbers;
  • condensate could be treated and recycled for irrigation and for providing higher plant nutrient demand in the greenhouse;
  • flue gas cooled and cleaned as described above could be used for carbon dioxide enrichment in the greenhouse;
  • accelerated carbon sequestration in greenhouse products could produce valuable products generating important revenues; and
  • construction of greenhouses using engineered products made from ash could result in simultaneous achievement of zero landfilling of society’s wastes, zero carbon emissions from power plants, and an important part of the solution to the global warming problem.

Ash Processing and Recycling

Energy Answers has made a major commitment to research and development of ash processing systems. Goals for this technology include:

  • Zero discharge from all resource recovery facilities and other solid fuel plants
  • Flexibility to handle ash from all solid fuel combustion processes
  • Ability to mine and recover ash landfills
  • Comprehensive high-end product development research

Watch this site for new research findings!