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The eco/Tech Pioneer-Plus™ waste combustion technology is a rugged, small-scale (<500 tons per day), next-generation stepped hearth system based on operating experience at their resource recovery facilities in Pittsfield (since 1981) and the Pioneer Valley (since 1988). Energy Answers sold these facilities in October 2007 to Covanta Energy.

This technology is not only well-suited to process municipal solid waste, but it can also be applied to environmentally sound recovery of energy from waste products generated in the cattle feed and rendering industry, including manure, paunch, daff, and other industrial applications.

  • Tailored to handle secure burns and other special wastes
  • Re-circulated flue gas - Low NOx
  • Enhanced features - Combustor control system, complete/even combustion, maximum throughput
  • Low profile - Minimize visual impacts of RRF buildings

See NAWTEC 15 Paper - Pioneer Plus - The Next Generation of Mass Burn Combustors

Additional information on eco/Tech's Sludge Recycling System can be seen here - The eco/Tech Sludge Recycling System: Two Years of Experience