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Highlights of the Juniper Report

An "Independent Review of Energy Answers Resource Recovery Technology and its Potential Application in Europe" was conducted by Juniper Consultancy Services Limited, Gloucestershire, England, to assess its capabilities against European regulatory norms, current practices and the competitive performance of typical state-of-the-art facilities in Europe.

The report was authored by Dr Kevin Whiting, B.Eng, C.Eng, PhD, FIChemE, with twenty years experience in the thermal treatment industry and his comparative analyses of thermal treatment technologies for waste management applications. Juniper is recognized as one of the leading independent analysts of innovative technologies in the waste management field. They have been evaluating thermal conversion processes for many years and have conducted numerous site appraisals in the US, Europe and Japan. Juniper has provided advice and information to several hundred public and private sector clients throughout the world and their publications in this field are widely seen as the definitive reference documents in their field.

  • The Energy Answers "combustion" technology will have significant opportunities in all European countries. The "high-tech" countries of northern Europe will understand the benefits of preparing a solid fuel for improved combustion and will welcome the high availability combined with increased power generation capability. The "low-tech" countries of southern Europe will understand the benefits of a smaller “footprint” and lower cost plant combined with a higher kWh/tonne".
  • "A market driver in Europe is to maximize the thermal efficiency of EfW (Energy from Waste) plants, which will give the PRF (Processed Refuse Fuel) technology an advantage over competitive process."
  • "As market trends move towards a greater desire to recycle bottom ash from EfW plants, [it] is more technically logical to discharge, handle and process the bottom ash in a dry state." "... Boiler Aggregate has been shown by Energy Answers to be suitable for recycling into road construction and concrete block manufacture and in the majority of European countries this would be acceptable practice."
  • "The SEMASS facility is an extremely efficient process for the conversion of prepared MSW fuel (PRF) to recyclables (electrical power, recovered metals and Boiler Aggregate)."
  • "A number of minor improvements to the air pollution control technology will be necessary so that the system is capable of meeting the EU Waste Incineration Directive (WID) for emissions to air, but we do not regard these as significant issues preventing the consideration of this system by potential European customers."

As part of Juniper’s review, Dr, Whiting visited the following Energy Answers facilities in the USA:
• SEMASS Resource Recovery Facility, Rochester, Massachusetts
• Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facility, Agawam, Massachusetts
• Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
• Capital Compost, Menands, near Albany, New York

In addition to Juniper’s evaluation of Energy Answers’ resource recovery facilities, Dr. Whiting also visited Capital Compost, home to Energy Answers’ commercial composting operation. Source-separated organics were processed on-site using the in-vessel technology developed by Wright Environmental of Canada. The 50 ton per day system produced high quality, class I compost in 45-60 days.

To review the entire report please contact information@Energy

In October 2007, Covanta Energy purchased all of the Energy Answers operating assets.

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