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  • American Hazards Control Group
  • Since 1981, the AHC Group has been active in assisting organizations and individuals in the field of environmental strategy and management strategy. As management consultants, AHC serves as trusted advisors to middle and upper management staff in organizations whose responsibilities include environmental health and safety, public relations, governmental affairs, corporate governance, social responsibility, communications, and investor relations. We focus on helping companies realize the business potential in environmental strategy and public issues, enhance stakeholder and investor relations, improve corporate governance and position themselves in the marketplace.

    Case Golf Company

  • Case Golf Company
  • Brownfield projects present an opportunity to achieve close to the ultimate in recycling: turning damaged and often abandoned land into recreational and environmentally balanced amenities, which can be safely enjoyed by the public, and the local flora and fauna. We are proud that our portfolio now contains a wide variety of Brownfields projects. Energy Answers has partnered in the past with Case Golf Company to design and build golf courses on closed landfills.


  • Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants
  • CEWEP aims to highlight that recycling and waste combustion with energy recovery are complementary options in order to divert waste away from landfilling. In order to avoid wasting natural resources combustible waste should not be landfilled, but treated, in a more sustainable way, in Waste-to-Energy Plants producing energy from the waste.

    Membership of CEWEP is dependent upon achieving high environmental standards. Only those plants that adhere to the emission limit values of the European Waste Incineration Directive can become a member. Energy Answers International is the only American company that is a CEWEP member.

    Engineers Ireland

  • Engineers Ireland
  • With over 23,000 members, Engineers Ireland is one of the country's oldest and largest professional bodies. Representing all disciplines of engineering, organises a comprehensive national and regional programme of activities to keep members up to date with all aspects of their profession. The Institution was founded on the 6th August 1835.


  • Indigo Development/Ernie Lowe
  • Indigo Development creates systems solutions to meet the challenges of sustainable development through industrial ecology.


  • Integrated Waste Services Association
  • The Energy Recovery Council (ERC, formerly the IWSA) was formed in 1991 to promote integrated solutions to municipal solid waste management problems. The ERC is a national trade organization representing the waste-to-energy industry and communities that own waste-to-energy facilities.

    Juniper Consultancy

  • Juniper Consultancy
  • Juniper is the leading independent consultancy analysing technologies and market trends in the waste management, environmental and renewable energy sectors. We work on a world-wide basis. We are experts in appraising noveltechnologies against market requirements and have unique expertise in pyrolysis, gasification, MBT and AD (anaerobic digestion) processes.


  • Tomorrow's Fuels Today
  • LOSONOCO is committed to substantially reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from transportation the fastest growing source of gasses contributing to climate change. LOSONOCO does this by building and operating refineries that re-cycle agricultural, municipal and commercial waste streams into Fuel Ethanol a low emission petrol substitute.


  • St. Croix Environmental Association
  • Known locally as SEA, we are a 500+ member organization committed to protecting and conserving our beautiful island environment. St. Croix is the largest of the US Virgin Islands and is surrounded by turquoise waters and some of the most colorful coral reefs in the Caribbean.


  • Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council
  • The WTERT Council is concerned with the recovery of energy and materials from solid wastes, as well as all other means used for the Integrated Management of Wastes, such as waste reduction and re-use.