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Energy Answers has a long history of good relations with communities and municipalities. We are proud of our accomplishments and are pleased to share them with you.

Civic and labor leaders, government officials and local residents have recognized Energy Answers' commitment to resource recovery and to bringing tangible economic and environmental benefits to the communities in which they have worked. Excerpts from some of the letters of support we received over the years are provided below. The full letter can be downloaded by clicking on the author link.

  • "More than ever, it is the belief of the business community that such a Waste-to-Energy Facility is needed now to not only handle our waste disposal problems but also to provide an additional source of energy, to offer much needed employment in the construction and operation of the Facility, to reduce the need for expansion of our already bulging local landfills, and to provide an additional much needed Industrial Park." – New Bedford (Massachusetts) Area Chamber of Commerce
  • "... SEMASS is a regional facility, it will benefit a number of communities in my District, addressing the environmental concerns related to landfilling, providing immediate and long-term employment opportunities and establishing a major industry in Southeastern Massachusetts."– William Q. MacLean, Jr., Massachusetts State Senator
  • "Expanding the use of resource recovery as an energy source for energy intensive industries or a mechanism for producing electricity is one way Massachusetts can ensure reliable fuel supplies at relatively stable prices." - Paul E. Tsongas, U.S. Senator
  • "We examined the company and contacted local, State and Federal officials as well as COM/Electric to ensure ourselves of their credibility which we are convinced to be more than satisfactory." "We therefore urge members of the City Council to ratify this contract and to afford our members the opportunity of decent jobs in the construction phase and the permanent work force necessary to maintain this facility." - George Clarke, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of Greater New Bedford and Cape Cod Area
  • "This project will have tremendous economic and environmental benefits for Southeastern Massachusetts. It will also reduce the dependence of foreign oil by twenty six million gallons per year and help to stabilize electricity prices in the region." – R.F. MacDonald, Commonwealth Electric Company
  • "I have worked closely with SEMASS and Energy Answers staff throughout its development, construction and startup of the base facility. It is refreshing to know that SEMASS and Energy Answers are sincerely concerned with protecting the environment and working to solve the solid waste problem..." - Mrs. Joseph A. Chamberlain, Rochester (Massachusetts) Conservation Commissioner
  • "Energy Answers has consistently exhibited a willingness to work with us on all issues related to solid waste management and has exceeded the City's expectations for contract services." - George Nealon, Commissioner of Public Works, City of Albany (New York)
  • "The Board of Selectman from the Town of Rochester wishes to go on record and state that there has always been complete cooperation and openness between the Town officials and the SEMASS facility representatives/officials since the inception of the idea of a waste-to-energy facility being located in our Town." - Shirley A. Ferreira, Board of Selectman
  • "In my role as consultant to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., I was asked to identify an appropriate high-technology solution and to write, produce and narrate a video which has now been included as the "Garbage Dilemma" portion of a permanent exhibit ("Science in American Life") in the National Museum of American History. SEMASS, or "The Cape Cod Solution", as it is becoming known, was my choice because it was the only facility with which I was familiar (and I am familiar with dozens) which places as much emphasis on efficient materials recovery and residue reduction as on energy production. That is the same reason that SEMASS received the most detailed description – a whole chapter – of any solid waste management option in my book Rubbish! The Ecology of Garbage." - William L. Rathje, Ph.D., University of Arizona
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  • Comments from 3rd Grade Student at Milton Bradley School:
      "I want to compliment you by saying that you are extremely careful about the smell and preventing a fire. Your company is very organized."
      "Thank you for letting the whole 3rd grade come to see the big claw. I liked the tipping floor. I hope my house is one of the 7000 houses that gets electricity from your plant. I never knew there could be that much trash."
      "It was interesting to find out how hot it has to be to burn the trash and that even though it is so hot it still couldn’t burn glass to ash."
  • "Their regard for their neighbors in our community is sincere and far-reaching. The area cranberry growers' concerns about the facility's effects on the bogs that surround it were addressed from the beginning, and SEMASS has kept its promises about zero process water discharge and clean emissions from the plant. They have also provided much-needed, good-paying jobs for local residents and have helped stabilize Rochester's town budget."Georgia D. Chamberlain, Rochester (Massachusetts) Conservation Commissioner
  • Mid-City Scrap Iron & Salvage Co. "has been purchasing from SEMASS ferrous and non-ferrous metals produced at their ash processing / metals recovery systems. Over the years we have found SEMASS to be a company who can be depended on to be a consistent source of high quality recycled metals…"- Mark Gitlin, Mid-City Scrap Iron & Salvage Co.
  • "The SEMASS resource recovery facility has taken a positive problem-solving approach to solid waste management and has made a noteworthy contribution to the environmental quality of Southeastern Massachusetts. Energy Answers has displayed unique, innovative and thoughtful environmental engineering that is worthy of recognition." - Susan F. Tierney, Secretary, Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
  • "…I would like to commend the SEMASS Partnership for maintaining and supporting the department's anti-litter campaign. The SEMASS Partnership is to be applauded for their civic involvement and reliable efforts in maintaining our roadsides."- Laurinda T. Bedingfield, Commissioner, MASS Highway
  • "On behalf of the entire class as well as myself, I am writing to thank you for welcoming us to your plant and giving us such a well conducted and informative tour of the facilities. I have read all of the students' trip reports and I am sure you will be delighted to learn that they expressed amazement that a waste processing plant could be operated in so efficient and clean a manner."- Melvin W. First, Sc.D., Harvard School of Public Health
  • "If there have been any concerns or issues, they have always promptly and satisfactorily responded. SEMASS's concern for environmental quality and attention to detail is of tremendous importance to our community and has resulted in a cooperative working relationship, benefiting all."- John Lafreniere, Chairman, Town of Rochester Board of Health
  • "SEMASS employs a large number of Rochester area residents improving the unemployment rate. The job opportunities provided by SEMASS have helped improve the economic environment of local businesses by increasing the spending power of local residents. Also, SEMASS has helped improve our company's prosperity enabling us to broaden our scope of business…"- John A. Hennessey, Northeast Security, Inc.
  • "The work of SEMASS illustrates how to interweave ecological issues, politics, government transport systems and other issues to achieve good solutions to a major societal problem."- Gordon H. Orians, Ecological Society of America
  • "I have found the management team for Energy Answers to be very innovative and cost-conscious in their business practices. They have proven that they can effectively and economically provide the services required by this City of over 150,000 residents."- Michael J. Albano, Mayor, City of Springfield, Massachusetts
  • "In my opinion, the staff of eco/Pittsfield has demonstrated an adaptability and willingness to solve problems in a timely and effective manner." - William L. Forestell, Commissioner, City of Pittsfield (Massachusetts) Department of Public Works
  • "I have found the staff to be responsive to the Town of Canaan's needs as well as our concerns. They participate in our community social activities as well as stepping out on their own to maintain a three mile stretch of highway. My experience with this company has been nothing but positive and I highly recommend them to you."- Gary L. Flaherty, Supervisor, Town of Canaan (New York)
  • "However, the cleanliness, safety, efficiency and generation of electricity successfully accomplished at SEMASS should help to allay public concerns and worries and enable implementation of a Waste-to-Energy / Resource Recovery Facility based on the SEMASS Technology. Such a facility would have obvious environmental and economic advantages…" - Nickolas J. Themelis, Ph.D., Director, Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University
  • "The company's resource recovery approach to solid waste management is now an integral component of my graduate-level course on recycling at the Environmental Science and Engineering Department at the Colorado School of Mines. This proven technology, which has been in continuous full-scale operation at SEMASS since 1988, is a large-scale example of world-class municipal waste recycling and an inspiration to the next generation of environmental engineers." - Paul Queneau, Ph.D., P.E., Colorado School of Mines
  • "Throughout, in my experience as a member of the Solid Waste Commission, the company has displayed a commitment to environmental protection, and has represented itself to the community honestly and reliably. As President of the Resources Council, I have also enjoyed good relations with the company. We have been partners with the company on several initiatives, including a household hazardous waste disposal event. Our communications with the company could be characterized as open and cooperative. In short, we have found Energy Answers to have a positive impact on the community, both environmentally and fiscally." - George S. Wislocki, President, Berkshire Natural Resources Council, Inc.