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Energy Answers was incorporated in 1981 with the objective of solving solid waste management problems in environmentally sound, socially acceptable, and economically attractive ways. We have developed and implemented many innovative solutions that minimize landfilling, always with the ultimate goal of "zero disposal." By emphasizing total recovery and reuse of materials and generation of energy from the waste stream, our focus remains on recovery of resources rather than disposal.

The highly innovative staff of Energy Answers has developed the most complete solution to maximize the recovery of the value contained in garbage, not just the selective pieces of the waste management puzzle that traditional recycling programs and standard waste-to-energy systems have attempted to solve.

Background Information - Highlights


Energy Answers is formed as a company focused on development of projects using the processed refuse fuel technology. Its initial focus was on the development of SEMASS.


Financing closed and construction began on the 1800 tons per day SEMASS Resource Recovery Facility, using the Energy Answers processed refuse fuel technology.

EAC Operations is awarded the operating contract for the ANSWERS* waste processing facility, designed by Gordon Sutin and Pat Mahoney.

*ANSWERS - Albany New York Solid Waste Energy Recovery System


Energy Answers acquires Cape Resources Company, a former disposal site for wood and stumps. It has developed into one of the largest suppliers of loam and mulch on Cape Cod.

Energy Answers designs, builds, finances and operates the 1200 tons per day Braintree (MA) Transfer Station utilizing an abandoned municipal incinerator site.


SEMASS project is on-line at 1800 tons per day. Energy Answers begins planning for a 50% expansion of SEMASS to increase its capacity to 2700 tons per day.

Bay Colony Railroad delivers trash by rail to SEMASS to minimize waste truck traffic impact on the two bridges connecting Cape Cod to the mainland. Energy Answers was instrumental in designing and developing the two rail transfer stations, in Yarmouth and Falmouth (MA), that collect the trash for transfer to the SEMASS facility. Energy Answers designed the rail cars used at the facility from surplus box cars that had been taken out of service.


SEMASS expansion is on-line.

Energy Answers develops and permits a 1750 tons per day transfer station in suburban Chicago, IL area, originally designed as the first phase of an 1800 tons per day resource recovery facility. The transfer station commenced operations in 1997.

Energy Answers is awarded contract by the City of Troy to construct and operate a 250 tons per day temporary transfer station. Six weeks after Energy Answers began construction, the transitional transfer facility was fully operational and was operated successfully and cost effectively for 3 years, allowing Troy to develop their long-term solid waste management plans.


Energy Answers acquires the Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility. The 240 tons per day facility uses the Enercon mass-burn technology, generating steam that is sold to Crane & Co. to manufacture, among other products, U.S. currency paper.


Energy Answers develops the Canaan Transfer Station at the B-3 exit of the NY Turnpike to serve upstate New York and western Massachusetts communities. Commercial operations commenced January 1995.


SEMASS Resource Recovery Facility is sold to American Ref-Fuel. Energy Answers retains all rights to proprietary technology.

Energy Answers employs ERC Community Warehouse employees to help get the largest reuse center up and running.


Energy Answers commences development activities for a resource recovery project and ecological industrial park in Puerto Rico.


Energy Answers acquires the 408 tons per day Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facility in Agawam, MA. The PVRRF also uses the Enercon technology and generates electricity that is sold to Western Massachusetts Electric Company.

Energy Answers partners with Capital Compost & Waste Reduction Services on an in-vessel composting system and transfer facility in Menands, NY.

Energy Answers signs agreements for licensing of its prepared fuel technology for projects in Japan and South Korea.

Energy Answers' Processed Refuse Fuel Technology and Resource Recovery System receives full certification by the Japan Waste Research Foundation, establishing our resource recovery system as appropriate for use throughout Japan. We are the first, and only, non-Japanese company to receive such certification.


eco/Waste Services, LLC is formed. This waste collection operation is based at the Canaan Transfer Station and serves customers in Rensselaer and Columbia County, NY and Berkshire County, MA areas.

eco/Technologies, LLC is formed and a U.S. patent is awarded for the eco/Tech Sludge Recycling System.


Energy Answers becomes 100% owner and manager/operator of the Capital Compost Facility.

Cape Resources opens a satellite facility in Pembroke, Massachusetts to market its premium mulch and loam products.

Energy Answers enters into a contract with the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands for management of wastewater treatment facilities on St. John and St. Croix.


Energy Answers, along with Brownfields Recovery Corp. and Mugar Enterprises, acquires the 1,244 acre St. Croix Alumina site from Alcoa. Redevelopment of the site commences.

Energy Answers becomes 100% owner of the Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility and B-3 Transfer Station through the purchase of Ridgewood Power Trust’s interest in both projects.

Three Energy Answers facilities achieve SHARP (Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program) status. SHARP is awarded to employers who demonstrate, through inspection, that they meet or exceed all of OSHA’s workplace safety regulations, have injury rates below that of their industry, and have important safety program elements in place.


Energy Answers divests it operation and ownership of the Capital Compost facility. The Albany waste disposal markets adversely impacted the project’s financial viability.

Contract extensions are finalized with Crane & Company and the City of Pittsfield, ensuring 11 more years of a long-term productive relationship with the Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility. Sets the stage for a significant capital program to enhance the Facility's performance, including installation of a turbine-generator to produce electricity and further enhancing the air quality control system.

The first sale of an eco/Technologies product, the EZ ColorizerTM, is accomplished. The EZ ColorizerTM is a dry dye color applicator for coloring mulch products.

eco/Waste Services collection business grows with the acquisition of two residential collection businesses in the Columbia County, NY area.


eco/Pittsfield is awarded recycling contract with City of Pittsfield to consolidate and transport its recyclable materials to the MRF in Springfield. Financing is secured for the facility's capital program, and the turbine-generator comes on-line.

eco/Technologies is awarded an ash reuse research and development grant from the York County (PA) Resource Recovery Authority, forging a public-private partnership to advance several of EnergyAnswers’ ash reuse initiatives.

Energy Answers is selected by the City of Tacoma, Washington to restructure the City’s waste to energy project, and create a state-of-the-art resource recovery facility by upgrading the City’s Steam Plant No. 2.


Energy Answers sells its U.S. operating company, EAC Operations, Inc., including all of its operating assets to Covanta Energy Corporation. This sale involves all of Energy Answers’ operating enterprises in the Northeast U.S., including the Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facility, the Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility, Cape Resources Company, the B-3 Transfer Station, eco/Waste Services, and eco/Transportation Services.

These assets are being sold in order to permit Energy Answers to more fully apply its human and capital resources to the development of new projects, and to the advancement and optimization of its technologies. All rights to Energy Answers’ proprietary technologies, which include the Processed Refuse Fuel™, Pioneer Plus™, and eco/Tech Sludge Recycling System™ technologies, will remain with Energy Answers International, an independent developer of technology and resource recovery projects.

Energy Answers International will continue to maintain offices in Albany, New York and St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, and continue to pursue new project development opportunities.