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Community Outreach

Energy Answers expertise and vast contacts in all aspects of integrated solid waste management, coupled with our commitment to improve the communities in which we live and work, and maintain an open and honest dialog with local residents, provides a strong foundation for the company’s community outreach and education programs. Energy Answers has a corporate policy directing all employees to minimize waste by reusing or donating materials, and trains all staff to serve as “ambassadors” of its resource recovery projects.

Energy Answers works hard to be a good corporate citizen and an asset to the communities it serves. The company always strives to support local businesses when contracting for goods and services. In addition, Energy Answers staff are encouraged to participate in local activities and service projects, and to support initiatives that focus on environmental awareness and action. At previously operated facilities, Energy Answers took an active role in educating residents about integrated solid waste management by hosting facility tours for schools, residents, civic organizations, businesses and government official, and by initiating and participation in community forums focused on waste management.

Conserva el Encanto

As part of Energy Answers’ solid waste management efforts in Puerto Rico, Energy Answers worked closely with the national Keep America Beautiful organization to establish a local Keep America Beautiful chapter in Puerto Rico. This now island-wide program, Conserva el Encanto, Inc., is a registered non-profit organization with an active Board of Directors, Program Director and host of volunteers. Conserva el Encanto has organized numerous beach clean-ups and anti-litter campaigns to educate residents about their responsibilities to keep the island clean and to manage waste responsibly. Funded by private contributions, in-kind support and grants, Conserva el Encanto has grown over the past five years to be Puerto Rico’s leading environmental organization focused on education and community participation.

Student Outreach

Energy Answers is actively involved in the academic community, welcoming and involving students and faculty in research and internship experiences related to our projects. Energy Answers makes available its extensive information about integrated solid waste management, engineering, industrial ecology, and sustainable development for reference to the public and to local schools.