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Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facility

The acquisition in 1999 of the Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facility in Agawam, Massachusetts resulted in a substantial savings and reduced risk for the long-term contract communities. Energy Answers eliminated the "put or pay" clause, encouraging municipalities to reduce the waste they deliver through waste reduction, reuse and recycling efforts, without incurring a financial penalty. Energy Answers also assumed responsibility for operation of the City of Springfield’s ash landfill to manage its closure.

See the Pioneer Valley Technology Description and Performance History (PDF)

Fluor Daniel designed and constructed the facility, and owned and operated it from start-up in 1988 until 1999, when Energy Answers acquired it. In October 2007, Energy Answers sold the facility to Covanta Energy.


The 408 ton per day facility utilizes the Enercon mass-burn technology and generates enough electricity for approximately 7000 homes.

Click Here to see the Pioneer Valley Facility Sheet

Energy Answers’ patented commercial Sludge Recycling System™ is installed and operating at the Facility. The Sludge Recycling System provides exciting environmentally sound business opportunities both for sludge producers seeking lower disposal costs, and solid fuel power plants seeking new revenue opportunities and enhanced air pollution control. Sludges handled by the SRS may include municipal wastewater treatment sludge, pulp and paper sludge, food processing sludges, FOG (fats, oils and grease) and more. The SRS is applicable to any solid fuel boiler with primary fuel heat input of 50 Million Btu’s per hour or greater. Environmental benefits include elimination of odor in disposal practices, reduction in disposal vehicle emissions, reduction in air emissions and possible air pollution control credits for future trading.

Using steam produced by the facility, Crane & Company manufactures the paper on which U.S. currency is printed.

Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility

In January of 1994, Energy Answers and a partnership of investors acquired the Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility, and eco/Pittsfield, LLC assumed the day-to-day operations and management of the Facility, as well as, the management and closure of the City of Pittsfield’s ash landfill and operation of the community drop-off facility, which accepts a wide range of materials which can be recycled, composted or reused. In 2002, Energy Answers assumed 100% ownership of the project through the purchase of Ridgewood Power Trust’s interest in the project. In October 2007, Energy Answers sold the Pittsfield facility to Covanta Energy.

See the Pittsfield Technology Description and Performance History (PDF)


The 240 ton per day Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility began operation in 1981. In 1990, the original emission controls were replaced with a more effective system which has demonstrated exceptional performance, continuing to meet all State and Federal standards. The system is unique in the U.S. resource recovery industry, in that it includes an electrostatic precipitator followed by a condensing economizer and wet scrubber. In 2000, a carbon injection system was installed to further reduce mercury emissions. In 2005, the facility was upgraded with the installation of a turbine-generator for the production of on-site electricity.

The steam produced at the facility is utilized by the Crane & Company paper mills. Crane manufactures currency paper stock for the U.S. Treasury and several other nations, as well as other high quality paper products.

The Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility was honored in June 2004 as the sole winner of the prestigious ASME Small Combustion Facility Award for 2004.