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eco/Waste Services, a residential and commercial waste collection company formerly owned and operated by Energy Answers and now owned and operated by Covanta Energy, primarily serves New York and Massachusetts communities. This ensured the flow of materials to our transfer and waste-to-energy facilities before their sale in October 2007, while providing exemplary service to our broad range of public, private and commercial customers.

Waste Services Truck

In 2000, Energy Answers made the decision to enter the commercial roll-off market in locales where Energy Answers had existing facilities. In 2001, the opportunity arose for eco/Waste Services to provide curbside waste and recycling collection to individual customers.


Energy Answers' waste transportation services included the transportation of waste from both publicly- and privately-owned transfer stations. In most cases, Energy Answers was also responsible for arranging for the proper disposal of such waste.


Energy Answers privately developed the Canaan, NY transfer station located at Exit B-3 off the New York Thruway. The B-3 solid waste transfer and C&D recovery station opened for operation in January 1995. Energy Answers sold this facility to Covanta Energy in October 2007.

Transfer stations allow communities to consolidate waste that has been collected with small waste collection trucks into large transfer trailers or rail cars, thereby reducing the costs to transport the waste to its final destination. Energy Answers has worked with numerous communities to develop and operate transfer operations that enable them to more efficiently and effectively process their waste. Transfer facilities serve as integral components in solid waste management programs, and promote effective recycling, composting and waste reduction efforts.

B-3 Trailer Loadout

Secure Disposal

Secure Disposal was an operating subsidiary of Energy Answers dedicated to providing superior pickup and guaranteed destruction services for all types of special wastes and/or confidential wastes. Secure Disposal could completely dispose of all types of special wastes using modern facilities with an environmentally friendly combustion process. Energy Answers sold Secure Disposal to Covanta Energy in October 2007.

Transfer Trailers