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Operating Experience

Energy Answers has a successful history of operating and managing solid waste facilities with a sensitivity to the communities we serve, the employees we hire, and the environment we work to protect. We are committed to efficient, safe, and environmentally sound operation of our facilities.

Energy Answers' operating experience includes resource recovery facilities, more commonly known as waste-to-energy facilities, waste collection and transportation services, wood waste recycling operations, transfer stations, and landfill closure projects.

In October 2007, Energy Answers sold its U.S. operating company, EAC Operations, Inc., including all of its operating assets to Covanta Energy Corporation. This sale involved all of Energy Answers’ operating enterprises in the Northeast U.S., including the Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facility, the Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility, Cape Resources Company, the B-3 Transfer Station, eco/Waste Services, and eco/Transportation Services.

These assets were sold in order to permit Energy Answers to more fully apply its human and capital resources to the development of new projects, and to the advancement and optimization of its technologies. All rights to Energy Answers’ proprietary technologies, which include the Processed Refuse Fuel™, Pioneer Plus™, and eco/Tech Sludge Recycling System™ technologies, remain with Energy Answers International, an independent developer of technology and resource recovery projects.

Energy Answers has offices in Albany, New York; St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Baltimore, Maryland; and continues to pursue new project development opportunities.