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Development Opportunities

After careful consideration of potential methods for marketing the Energy Answers technology worldwide, it was decided that we would license the technology to developers in specific countries. The aim is to create privately-owned facilities which will provide a good investment opportunity for local investors while providing the community with modern, efficient, environmentally sound waste disposal, recycling of valuable materials and a source of inexpensive energy. Where appropriate, we encourage developers to present the opportunity for the community itself to become project investors.

Prior to embarking on development of a project, Energy Answers recommends that a pre-evaluation study be done. This study consists of a “quick look” at the factors affecting the success of a project development.

Items to be considered include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Quantity of waste available
  • Quality (heating value, moisture content) of waste
  • Present method of disposal being used and costs
  • Government recognition of need for improved waste handling
  • Public recognition of need for improved waste handling
  • Status of existing and proposed recycling programs
  • Opportunity for sale of energy (steam, electricity, hot water)
  • Site availability

The main purpose of the study is to determine if there are any unsolvable problems which would indicate that the project should not proceed. On the other hand, it is not an exhaustive study and if the conclusion of the pre-evaluation study is that there is a good opportunity for success, then Energy Answers and the developer will execute agreements which provide the developer with an irrevocable option to license the technology and/or to obtain Energy Answers' services required in the development process.

The license agreement includes the right to use the technology and patents which are incorporated into the design, as well as receive guidance and assistance from Energy Answers staff during the development, financing, design, contract negotiation, and construction and operation stages of the project. All the experience with this technology since it was first developed is available to help guide the development of new projects using this well proven system. The services agreement which accompanies the license agreement includes ongoing involvement of Energy Answers for several years after the plant is placed in operation.