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Energy Answers believes that many projects that are deemed unsalvageable may just need to be restructured. Project restructuring maximizes the possibility of successfully restarting a shuttered or poorly producing plant, restructuring a project by renegotiating existing service agreements, negotiating new long-term agreements with other public and private generators of acceptable “opportunity fuels,” and renegotiating property lease agreements and/or negotiating better rates with other public utilities can all have a profound effect on the economics of a project.

Energy Answers has demonstrated experience in managing challenging waste facilities, such as the Pittsfield and Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facilities. We are very confident that we can bring the human and technical resources necessary to restructure projects so that they become efficient and economical projects.

Since 1981, Energy Answers has provided environmental management services to more than 75 municipalities pursuant to short- and long-term contracts. We are proud of the successful and productive relationships we have had with our municipal customers and look forward to the same with your community.

Energy Answers has extensive, experienced corporate capabilities with recognized specialists in all areas necessary for comprehensive restructuring including: environmental permitting; resource recovery technologies; governmental and community relations; contract negotiations - fuel, energy sales, engineering, construction, operations; project finance and innovative restructuring strategies; and fuel supply and procurement.

Energy Answers has unparalleled capabilities in waste fuel procurement work including: unique private sector merchant experience in opportunity fuel acquisition; former operations that needed a constant fuel supply for their operation; achievement of very competitive tipping fees for sponsoring communities; and experience with acquisition of unique fuels such as pharmaceuticals and other materials requiring secure disposal.

Energy Answers is a highly qualified operator, with particularly relevant experience in prepared fuel facilities including: merchant development and operation of the award-winning SEMASS PRF facility; acquisition and operation of the Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facility; acquisition and operation of the Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility; and acquisition and operation of other solid waste management facilities, including transfer stations, composting facilities, and mulch production facilities.