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Energy Answers is an award-winning, international designer and developer of environmentally sound resource recovery systems. Our goal is to reach "zero disposal" by effectively recovering all the resources in the material now seen as 'waste'. Our resource recovery facilities utilize municipal solid waste (post-recycling) to generate clean, renewable energy for local communities.

Puerto Rico Trash on Street

In addition to resource recovery facilities (also known as waste-to-energy facilities), the company has also operated related infrastructure and has extensive experience with waste collection and transportation, transfer stations, recycling, and wastewater treatment. New projects are targeted for brownfield sites where our proprietary technologies and engineered solutions can have a positive impact on the environment and economy of a region. Energy Answers believes in using an eco-industrial park ideology to promote synergistic relationships with other businesses that can utilize the steam, electricity, and recovered materials from a waste-to-energy facility, and where the waste-to-energy facility could utilize the waste materials from the other businesses in the eco-park.

Our small and large scale solutions, our innovative sludge management system, and our integrated approach to resource recovery allow communities to implement cost effective, environmentally sound solutions.

Energy Answers International is responding to a growing number of inquiries in the United States as well as International markets for the development of integrated solutions.