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Arecibo Rendering

Energy Answers Arecibo, LLC se enorgullece en presentar los detalles del desarrollo de su proyecto en Puerto Rico. Oprima aquí para más detalles.

Energy Answers Arecibo, LLC is proud to provide details of their project development in Puerto Rico. Click here for more details.

Fairfield Rendering

Energy Answers is proud to announce that our Fairfield Renewable Energy Power Plant development project in Baltimore, Maryland received its permit from the Maryland Public Service Commission. Please click here for more details about the Project and our Kick Off Event.

If we could use the waste that is not suitable for recycling, but is still landfilled today, then we could provide power for as many as 14 reading lights in every household every day. Watch this short video from the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP) to see how.

Resource Recovery Solutions

SEMASS Proven Solution Communities throughout the world are looking for environmentally sound solutions ...
to manage their solid waste without relying on landfills;
to ensure that sewage and wastewater do not contaminate their environment;
to increase the use of renewable energy;
to decrease the generation of greenhouse gases; and
to promote sustainable development and an enhanced quality of life.

Demand for renewable energy has become as critical to communities as bringing in jobs, and improving the economy. Civic and labor leaders, government officials, and local residents have recognized Energy Answers' commitment to resource recovery, and to bringing tangible economic and environmental benefits to the communities in which they have worked. Excerpts from some of the letters of support received over the years are provided in our References.

Over the past 25 years, the excellence of the Company's programs, facilities and technologies has been recognized by outside parties including the Ecological Society of America, the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Most recently, Energy Answers became the only U.S. company to be awarded membership in the Confederation of European Waste to Energy Projects (CEWEP). Please click to see our Awards.

The SEMASS Resource Recovery Facility, developed by Energy Answers, exemplifies our corporate commitment to conserve resources and manage solid waste effectively. SEMASS is our primary basis for design of current operating facilities and future development projects. Click here to see the SEMASS Video.

Energy Answers International has more than 25 years of experience managing municipal solid waste, recyclable materials and wastewater sludge. We are a full service provider capable of permitting, financing, developing and operating state-of-the-art resource recovery facilities that can provide power and raw materials for other industries.

With a goal of "zero disposal", Energy Answers offers its clients integrated solutions that maximize recovery of resources and recyclable material in the form of steam, electricity, metals and construction aggregate. Central to the Energy Answers Solution is its patented, proven and award-winning resource recovery technologies.

Eco-Park Vision

Our projects are designed to meet the rigorous goals established by U.S. and European regulators for greenhouse gas reduction, increased recycling, and landfill minimization. Our extensive operating experience demonstrates our ability to meet these goals while improving the environment in the communities we serve. We have been recognized as a leader in improving operating performance and plant efficiencies while protecting the health and safety of our employees.

Putting advanced technology to work is only one part of the equation at Energy Answers. Merging the professional talents of our in-house experts with those of world-renown engineering firms, bankers, equipment manufacturers and other industry partners, Energy Answers creates all-encompassing, customized solutions for its clients.

Energy Answers presents…

Patrick Mahoney, President and CEO of Energy Answers, served as Conference Chairman at the Waste Management and Recycling Congress held in Berlin, October 20-21, 2008 and presented a keynote address entitled "Beyond Sustainable: The Efficient Extraction of Energy & Marketable Products from Waste Materials". His presentation focused on the distinction between 'resource recovery' and 'waste to energy', post-combustion recycling and market competitive energy and materials. The conference brought together waste management leaders from worldwide locations that are working to implement sustainable environmental solutions while meeting EU directives and facing local challenges.

Patrick Mahoney Berlin Conference

Pat Mahoney introducing John Burns, Director of Waste Implementation Programmes for the U.K. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (far right) who presented an overview of “Establishing Residual Municipal Waste Treatment Facilities in the U.K.

Energy Answers attends...

As a member of the Confederation of European Waste to Energy Plant's (CEWEP) Residues Working Group, Laurie Coughlin attended meetings this year in Palma, Mallorca and Brussels, Belgium. The group focuses on establishing standardized regulations at the EU level.

On May 16 the group met in Palma, Mallorca. The agenda included presentations of research being carried out in Germany on the standardization of testing for the property H14:ecotoxic, and the benefits of dry extraction. The group then had the opportunity to tour Palma's TIRME WTE plant.

TIRME WTE Plant TourOn September 30 the group met in Brussels, Belgium. The primary focus of this meeting was a discussion of the upcoming pre-registration deadline for the new REACH legislation on November 30, 2008. Also a communication paper will be produced to inform the public about the reuse of Bottom Ash. The CEWEP Residues Working Group generally meets 3 times a year.